Some time ago (probably about 5 years ago now) while trying to find my old Paint Shop Pro disk I decided to see what kind of free photo editors I could find online.  I had tried several of them a few years back and none of them measured up to my expectations and even if they had some cool features it always seemed like the quality was not there.

I headed over to the other day and decided to try out a couple of programs.  They got a couple of really neat free ones there that have lots of features that kind of put my Paint Shop Pro out of service (after all I was using an outdated version of that anyway).  So here is my brief review of two free image editors:

GIMP is a very powerful program which kind of reminds me of PhotoShop with all the features it has.  The quality this free program outputs is incredible, and its very easy to use and allows for some rather unique edits that will keep this program in your list of favorites for a long time.

PAINT.NET is another great little program for those of us who don’t need all the overkill features like those found in PhotoShop.  Its Great for a quick image retouch or some simple edits like the logo I made for this site.  This one is also free and can be donloaded from

Now if your not of the techie type and need someone to hook you up with some cool looking logos or header images, just let me know and I can get them done for you at a very reasonable cost.  I don’t personally provide this service, but you’ll be surprised how far $50 or $100 can go when it comes to spicing up your websites look, and I’m sure you’ll notice the difference on this site when I get around to investing in some cooler logos.

Hope you enjoy the freebies!