Are you looking for some CSS snippets to use on your site? I store all my CSS codes on Github which makes it easy to manage. If you have a lot of codes that you use regularly, I would suggest doing the same. It is free to signup, and you can store any kind of code you want there from PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and, well, anything really!

I will be adding more to this list here as time permits.

Floating Header:

This is similar to the code that I use on this site, and has worked quite well for me. Floating headers seem to be one of the top requested features that I help people with.

Make square image round with colored border:

I use this code on my home page here at – the round image with the orange border on the home page. Square images are cool, but sometimes you want to have things stand out or be more eye catching, and this is a great way. Just make sure your image is square, otherwise it might look more oval.

Row transparent overlay with Page Background image:

I use this code on as well. You can use it only with a full page background image. Row background images have this ability built in now as of version 2.5.9 – more on that here. OptimizePress has come out with a lot of neat row options lately. If you don’t want to mess with this CSS you could always upload a very small transparent background image and then set the opacity that way, but CSS is so much more fun!!! 🙂

Set footer transparent background:

Can you tell I like using images with some colored overlays? Why use a solid color on the footer when the rest of the page doesn’t use that?  Lets make the footer transparent also.

If you need a good place to find an RGB color, you can get that from (link opens in new tab). I use that tool frequently to help find some good colors.

 Are you looking for any CSS modifications? If so, please reach out to me and I’ll be happy to chat about what you need.