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Kevin is the best WordPress and online computer skills tutor... Way beyond the ordinary "teacher, helper, advisor." His wide-range of expert skills makes the learning process run efficiently. Kevin cares, is patient, and honest with the services he provides. He has helped me learn countless online skills over the past decade.  He is always my first choice. I am forever grateful!

Dr Betsy F Meshbesher

Chiropractic Physician & Online Business CEO

Kevin is a highly knowledgeable, hard working, detail oriented website professional who is dedicated to providing excellent service. 

He is responsive and works hard to get his clients what they desire. Kevin comes highly recommended.

I would hire Kevin again, without hesitation.

Michelle Moore

Kevin is the one guru for everything WordPress, plus OptimizePress.

He helped setup a very complex integration of various web sites, programs, to get everything into coronation to all work together seamlessly, in fact perfect !!

Kevin the master did it.

Russell Freeman

I love OptimizeMember and I was so excited to get SamCart. But after playing with it and realising that there was only the option to integrate one OP site, I was really disappointed, as I have a LOT of different course sites! I did a complex workaround that wasn’t really working all that well.

Then along came Kevin aka OptimizePress Geek, and his SamCart OptimizeMember Zapier Course, like a knight on a white horse! I’d been putting off getting to know Zapier for a long time, but as soon as I started his course, it clearly, step by step, took me through the whole process.

Kevin has a way of making things that could be confusing or complex look simple and easy to do. I worked through the course and hey presto, now I can easily integrate as many OM sites as I want with SamCart, and I could throw away the complex workaround and come back to the simple beauty of SamCart.

If you want clear, step-by-step instructions with everything you need to know all set out and easy to follow, I highly recommend Kevin’s course. And he’s so helpful and friendly too!

Marion Rose, Ph. D.


OptimizePress has been my WordPress Theme of choice because it’s (mostly) easy to use. Recently we have wanted to do more customisation on our sites, which is way outside my self taught coding experience. Enter stage left, Kevin from OptimizepressGeek.com

Kevin’s knowledge of OptimizePress is brilliant. We had a 90 minute Skype call and by the end of it my site looked like I wanted it to, and Kevin had taught me some of his Custom CSS tricks of the trade so I could make further alterations myself.

He was helpful and friendly and explained things clearly and logically.

I like to know why things work the way they do and Kevin had no problem answering any questions I asked. He willingly shared his knowledge, rather than keep me in the dark so I’d have to keep using his services, which I will definitely do when the need arises again.

Kevin comes highly recommended, and is now my go to guy for all things WordPress and OptimizePress.

Elly Hurley

Co Founder, NudgeMarketing.com

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