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Kevin McClellan

A lot of what I do is priced based on the project and not necessarily an hourly rate, so what you see below is only the HIGHEST rates I would charge for something outside of a normal project or agreement. For example if you wanted to have a regular weekly 1 hour meeting (or even 2 hours) you would not be paying $149 per hour. Or if you wanted to hire me for 20 hours of technical service, you would be paying less than $79 hour.

I know we all have budgets to work with and need to get stuff done in a timely manner. My promise to you is all my pricing is fair based on what you need to have done and in the amount of time you need to have it done within. Obviously urgent things will cost more than other tasks that I can just work into my daily routine, or a short one off task might be more (per hour) than a longer project. 

Technical Help & Live Calls

One on One Live Calls

Would you like to have someone on a live call to help walk you through some tasks with WordPress or OptimizePress?

Live calls can help you quickly get all your questions answered without the hassle of a lot of back and forth emailing. You will also get a recording of the call to refer back to in the future.

$ 149.00 Hourly

Technical Help by the Hour

Having a great website free of technical issues will help you on your path to a successful business. This service includes any help you need to solve any technical issues (Hosting, WP, etc.).

In addition, your website and hosting will be fully evaluated to see if there are any other potential issues that should be solved.

$ 79.00 Hourly

Done For You Services

Due to time constraints, my "Done for you" services like website builds, funnel builds, or other projects are only available on a limited case by case basis, but please feel free to reach out to me no matter what you need as I may be able to refer you to someone who can help with any tasks that I may not be able to do. I generally plan projects several weeks in advance, but I do also leave some wiggle room for last minute tasks as well. 

Website Speed Optimization

Making your site fast should be one of your top priorities after you have built your site's pages. My service includes evaluating your site and giving you an action plan on the steps you can take to make your site faster.

Price also includes up to 2 hours of tweaking to make the site faster.

$ 299.00

Custom Development

Whether you need a custom post type created, custom CSS for your site styles, or adding some custom functions to your site, I can help get those created for you.

Most custom coding can be done within 1 to 2 hours depending on how complex of a job it is. Reach out to me for an exact quote.

$ 199.00 Per Hour

Site Migrations & Maintenance Plans

Whether you need a WordPress Site moved to a new host, or a new domain, subdomain, or other type of migration, hiring an experienced professional will ensure that the transfer is done correctly and without any issues. 

I also offer ongoing WordPress Site Maintenance to keep your site's Themes, Plugins, and WordPress updated.  This service also includes ongoing security scans, daily & weekly site backups, as well as proactive suggestions to keep your site working great.

WordPress Site Migration

Whether you are just moving to a new web host, adding an SSL to your site, changing your domain name, or need a staging/dev site, you can count on me to perform the site migration safely and accurately. 

Price is for ONE WordPress site up to 2GB in total size.

$ 299.00

WordPress Site Maintenance

This is perfect if you want to focus on your business and don't want to mess with the tedious tasks of keeping things like plugins or themes updated, or make sure your site is configured properly.

You want site backups, and the peace of mind knowing you have a professional standing by to help solve any issues.

$ 99.00 Monthly (each site)

First Time Customer?

Or haven't hired me for some work in a long time?

If you are here on this website for the first time and are interested in working with me, please don't worry about the pricing. Reach out to me and I'll give you a special deal to try me out and see how we work together. Just click the Get Started Now button above and tell me what you need. I'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

Why did your prices go up a lot this year?

Due to rising costs of doing business as well as increased demand for my services, I was left with no choice to raise my prices quite a lot as of January 31st, 2023. Some services such as "done for you" services were discontinued after January 31st, 2023 as I'm focusing more on consulting and technical services moving forward.

I have always tried to keep my prices as low as possible and well below industry average, however I am unfortunately no longer able to do this. I can not promise that prices will not increase again in the future. 

While I will certainly understand if anyone can not afford my pricing, I am a professional with a lot of experience. I know how to get things done and usually in much less time than other freelances who do similar work who only just started offering services recently.

If you want high quality, friendly, down to Earth services from someone who is honest, and cares about the work he does, then look no further. 

I have several clients who have been with me for many years who are very happy with what I have done for them, and I know you will be happy as well. 

I am an existing customer. Did my prices go up as well?

It's best to reach out to me if you have questions or want to confirm the pricing I have for your specific project or ongoing services.

Pricing for everyone has gone up unless you are a long-time client, or we have an ongoing contractual agreement for a specific price or have other agreements in place. If you have already pre-purchased some time then the old rates apply until your account credits are used up. Reach out to me if you have further questions about this and I'll be happy to make accommodations as needed.

Why don't you have payment buttons on your site?

I just prefer to discuss the project first. While I'm an expert, I can not fix everything or do anything you want. It's better if you let me know by contacting me what you need help with and then go from there. 

Why do you charge different rates for live calls, coding, and other technical stuff?

Different types of work require different levels of dedication. For example, a live call requires stopping everything in my business temporarily which means I can not answer emails, take other calls, or work on other projects during that time. Other tasks can be worked on in between other things. 

I also try to do research before calls if questions are sent to me in advance, that way I can be prepared. It also takes time to process the recording after the call and send it to you. This all takes some extra time as well. For each hour of a call I typically spend an additional hour doing the prep and processing the recording.  

The rates that I do have are actually below industry average in most cases as I try to keep the rates affordable.

Is there a discount if I pre-purchase some hours?

I do offer a small discount for pre-purchasing some amounts. As I have several different rates depending on what is being done, I do not offer packages for hours. Instead, I offer a discount in the form of a credit depending on how much you want to pre-purchase. If you pre-purchase at least $1,000 USD in services, you'll be credited with a $75 USD credit, so your available account funds would then be $1,075.

Due to the low fees I charge, I can not give this account credit unless you pay the pre-purchased amount by check, money order, or through other methods where I would not be charged a transaction fee.

Transaction fees for $1,000 USD would cost me around $30 USD but could be much higher depending on payment method or the country where the payment originates if outside the US. If you must pay by card and do not have a way to pay with other methods that do not have transaction fees, then the transaction fees will be deducted from any bonus amounts credited to your account. 

Pre-purchased funds can be used for any services that I provide (not limited to the services I provide on this website).

Pre-purchased funds are not refundable under any circumstances, and must be used within 24 months. If refund must be given for some reason, there will be a 15% processing fee deducted from any refunded amount (along with any other fees such as bank or shipping fees to mail a check). 

Can I get a refund on any unused time if I buy more hours than I needed?

Refunds are generally not provided, but may be offered in some cases. I would suggest that you check my Refund Policy to learn more about this. 

what if I can't afford your new pricing?

If you have done business with me in the past and can not afford the new pricing please reach out to me anyways. Lets talk about it. I realize that my pricing may not be affordable to everyone but there could be some ways I can still help. 

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