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Note Regarding Pricing

Due to rising costs of doing business as well as increased demand for my services, there will be a large price increase coming early in 2023. Some services will be discontinued after January 31st, 2023 and I'll be focusing more on consulting and technical services at that time. I have always tried to keep my prices as low as possible and well below industry average, however I am unfortunately no longer able to do this. 

Any current clients who would like to pre-purchase any services before January 31st, 2023 may reach out to me to do so and you'll be able to purchase them at the current prices and use the hours anytime through 2023.

Done For You

Done for you services include creating new pages, configuring plugins, adding content to pages, maintenance & security checks, etc.

Basically anything you need that I'm able to offer help for would be billable by the hour. 

$ 39.00 per hour (Minimum 1 hour)

Technical Help by the Hour

This is for simple tasks like technical issues, installing a new plugin, changing/adding text, updating plugins, or other small tasks.

Useful for someone who has an established OptimizePress site and just needs occasional help to do some small tasks.

$ 39.00 per hour (Minimum 1 hour)

One on One Live Calls

Would you like to have someone on a live call to help walk you through some things with WordPress or OptimizePress?

Live calls can help you quickly get all your questions answered without the hassle of a lot of back and forth emailing. 

$ 79.00 per meeting (up to one hour)

Custom Development

I offer limited custom development. Do you need custom functions, custom post types, or other codes created?

I can do quite a lot of things. If you need something just let me know what you are looking for and I'll do my best to help.

$ 97.00 for each hour

Pricing Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you have payment buttons on your site?

I just prefer to discuss the project first. While I'm an expert, I can not fix everything or do anything you want. It's better if you let me know by contacting me what you need help with and then go from there. 

Why do you charge different rates for live calls, coding, and other technical stuff?

Different types of work require different levels of dedication. For example, a live call requires stopping everything in my business temporarily which means I can not answer emails, take other calls, or work on other projects during that time. Other tasks can be worked on in between other things. 

I also try to do research before calls if questions are sent to me in advance, that way I can be prepared. It also takes time to process the recording after the call and send it to you. This all takes some extra time as well. For each hour of a call I typically spend an additional hour doing the prep and processing the recording.  

The rates that I do have are actually below industry average in most cases as I try to keep the rates affordable.

Is there a discount if I pre-purchase some hours?

I do offer a small discount for pre-purchasing some amounts. As I have several different rates depending on what is being done, I do not offer packages for hours. Instead, I offer a discount in the form of a credit depending on how much you want to pre-purchase. If you pre-purchase at least $1,000 USD in services, you'll be credited with a $75 USD credit, so your available account funds would then be $1,075.

Due to the low fees I charge, I can not give this account credit unless you pay the pre-purchased amount by check, money order, or through other methods where I would not be charged a transaction fee.

Transaction fees for $1,000 USD would cost me around $30 USD but could be much higher depending on payment method or the country where the payment originates if outside the US. If you must pay by card and do not have a way to pay with other methods that do not have transaction fees, then the transaction fees will be deducted from any bonus amounts credited to your account. 

Pre-purchased funds can be used for any services that I provide (not limited to the services I provide on this website).

Pre-purchased funds are not refundable under any circumstances, and must be used within 24 months. If refund must be given for some reason, there will be a 7% processing fee deducted from any refunded amount (along with any other fees such as bank or shipping fees to mail a check). 

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