Refund Policies

Services and Pre-Purchased Account Funds

There are no refunds for services already rendered. I take pride in my work and make sure things are done right the first time, however if you do find that there was a mistake made, I'll be happy to correct it for you.

If you have pre-purchased any account funds, refunds are not provided on any purchases where funds have started to be used.  I do understand there may be some circumstances where a refund may be given, however any refunds granted will be subject to a 15% service fee which is used to offset any costs related to the transaction. 


If work has started on any projects there will be no refund provided for any pre-paid deposits unless it is justified (by me) to do so. 

Why I charge a 15% service fee for any refunds

Refunds are things that most businesses online try to avoid, however in some cases it is necessary.

The card processors I use (Stripe and Paypal) do not refund transaction fees to their merchants when refunds are made.  It also takes time to reply to your emails and actually process the refund. The 15% service fee covers that time, as well as some of the transaction fees that are not refunded back to us when issuing a refund.  As I am a very small business, I'm unable to eat the costs of all those fees.

If I charged you $100 and the fee from Stripe or Paypal was $4, I would pay the $4 fee when you send me money, so the amount I actually get would be $96. Now if I were needing to refund you that entire amount, I would have to send you $100 when I only got $96. So my total cost for your transaction is actually $8 because I lose $4 when you pay me, and then lost another $4 when I refund you. This is not actual figure but just a sample of how the fees work on my end. This part of the reason why I charge a 15% service fee when any refunds are made. 

Some larger agencies are happy to eat all those fees and take them out of their profits. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to do that, but at this time I can not do so without raising my pricing for everyone. 

The other reason I charge this fee is to cover my time assisting you with the sale, as well as assisting with processing the refund. This is time I will not get back to help other clients.

If you prefer to have a refund as an account credit, the 15% service fee will not apply and you can use those funds towards another purchase anytime in the future.

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