Hours of Operation

  • OptimizePressGeek.com is open Monday – Friday 11a.m. to 7p.m. CST
  • We may occasionally close for some government observed holidays

This policies and procedures applies to all OptimizePressGeek.com products sold on this site or any other site owned by Kevin McClellan that includes a link to this page.

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Terms of Subscription Renewal

Monthly Subscriptions automatically renew each month at the stated retail price until the subscription buyer notifies the company that they wish to cancel. Please refer to Returns & Subscription Cancellations section of the Terms of Service page.

Personal Checks

OptimizePressGeek.com does not accept personal checks without prior written permission (ie.. via email).
Any personal check that is accepted as payment will have a 10 business day holding period and will be subject to a return check fee of up to $35 (as determined by law) if the check is returned for any reason by your bank.
Customer Service:

If you have questions or comments regarding OptimizePressGeek.com or other properties owned and operated by Kevin McClellan, please contact us through the following link: https://optimizepressgeek.com/contact/

Agreement to Use Your Likeness

When purchasing a “membership product” and completing registration, you agree that your voice, name, and image may be recorded by various mechanical and electrical means of all descriptions (such recordings, any piece thereof, the contents therein and all reproductions thereof, along with the utilization of my name, shall be collectively referred to herein as the “Released Subject Matter”),

Therefore, in exchange for Live Training Sessions by Kevin McClellan (owner of optimizepressgeek.com), receipt of which is hereby acknowledged ,you hereby freely and without restraint consent to and give unto the Site Owners and its agents or assigns or anyone authorized by Kevin McClellan, (collectively referred to herein as the “Releasees”) the unrestrained right in perpetuity to own, utilize, or alter the Released Subject Matter, in any manner the Releasees may see fit and for any purpose whatsoever, all of the foregoing to be without limitation of any kind.  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, you hereby authorize the Releasees and grant unto them the unrestrained rights to utilize the Released Subject Matter in connection with the Video’s advertising, publicity, public displays, and exhibitions.  You hereby stipulate that the Released Subject Matter is the property of Kevin McClellan to do with as it will.

You hereby waive to the fullest extent that you may lawfully do so, any causes of action in law or equity you may have or may hereafter acquire against the Releasees or any of them for libel, slander, invasion of privacy, copyright or trademark violation, right of publicity, or false light arising out of or in connection with the utilization by the Releasees or another of the Released Subject Matter.

It is your intention that the above mentioned consideration represents the sole compensation that you are entitled to receive in connection with any and all usages of the Released Subject Matter.  You expressly stipulate that the Releasees may utilize the Released Subject Matter or not as they choose in their sole discretion without affecting the validity of this Release.  This Release shall be governed by United States law.