When it comes down to it, your choice for a domain name can make a big difference on how your website performs in the search engines.  Its very important to choose a name that is relevant to your blog or website.  You don’t want to choose anything too random or broad.  While its obvious that the domain name market is kind of saturated, there are still a lot of good domain names available.

Be creative, but not complicated in the name that you choose.  If you plan to monetize your site to make money, then you will want to choose a .com over say a .net or .org.  Its what most people remember.

What Keywords will best describe your sites content?

Think of 5 different keywords or keyword phrases that best describe your website.  You will be surprised how easy it may be to find a domain name available with a long tail keyword phrase.  A long tail keyword phrase contains more than one word.  For example, a friend of mine registered the domain name coolestplacestovisit.com.  His main keyword was places to visit, but by simply placing the word “coolest” in front of the keyword phrase, he was able to have a catchy domain name which included his main keyword phrase.  Keep this in mind when choosing the best domain name for your site.

Make your domain name easy to remember

Ever been to a website with really good content but couldn’t remember what the domain name was?  Its probably because it was not the easiest domain name to remember.  Try to avoid using complicated, or long uncommon words in your domain name.   If your business name is going to be your domain name, then its ok to use even if its hard to remember, since you will likely be giving it a lot of exposure.

A few more quick tips

Avoid using special characters, numbers, dashes, or symbols.  That will just make it harder to remember.  Also, try to keep your domain name limited to a couple of words.  The longer the domain name, the harder it is for people to remember when typing it in an email or trying to find your site.  Its always good to open up Notepad or a word processor and brainstorm your domain ideas.  You can go to any website that sells domains and type it in to see if its available, and just note that it is on your word processor.   After you have a handful of names, think about it for awhile and select the one that makes the most sense, and is easy to remember.

Congratulations on taking the first step in your journey to make a website!

Now Go Get your Domain Name

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    • Seth

      Thanks for the tips.  I'm starting my first website soon, and reading all your tips has helped me a lot especially this one.  Domain names are hard to figure out.

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