OptimizePress 2 is very powerful when it comes to being able to customize how it looks.  There are some things though that would have to be done with some Custom CSS. It is just not possible to edit EVERY little thing through any of the options panels in OptimizePress (or any other theme/plugin for that matter).

There are 3 ways to add Custom CSS to OptimizePress.

  1. Globally for any page created with the intuitive Page Builder/Live Editor
  2. Globally for any other page created (which uses standard pages)
  3. Individually on a per page or per post basis.

To Add Custom CSS and make it load on all pages created with the Page Builder/Live Editor, you would need to navigate to your WordPress Dashboard, and then click on “OptimizePress > Dashboard > Global Settings > Custom CSS (Sitewide)” and then put your custom CSS code there. I don’t think it could be any easier than this. Also note that when you update or uninstall/re-install OPtimizePress, these changes will remain since all OptimizePress settings are stored in your WordPress Database.

To add Custom CSS to all other pages as well as the blog (if using the OptimizePress Theme), you would go to “OptimizePress > Blog Settings > Modules > Other Scripts” and then select “Custom CSS” from the drop down menu and then paste in your CSS code (don’t forget to click the green “Save Settings” button at the bottom though or your changes won’t be saved).

To add Custom CSS to a single page created with the Page Builder/Live Editor, you would need to have the live editor open for that page, and then click on “Page Settings” and “Other Scripts” and select Custom CSS from the drop down, and then paste in your code there. Here is a very short video (no audio) that shows the steps involved (click the bottom right corner of video to expand):

To add Custom CSS to a single page or post NOT created with the page builder, you’ll need to launch the edit screen for the page or post by navigating to “All Pages” or “All Posts” and then click the tab above the visual editor that shows “OptimizePress Settings” and then you’ll see a section for “Other Scripts” where you can select “Custom CSS” from the drop down menu.  Then you can paste in your Custom CSS code below, and then save your settings. Here is a short video on just how to do this (no audio – just shows the steps involved):

As you can see, it is really quite easy to add your own custom CSS code to any OptimizePress page.  Being able to customize some CSS is a very important ability that any good WordPress theme should have built in, and clearly OptimizePress 2 is a winner.