The all new OptimizePress 3.0 launched back around June 2019. There have been a lot of new features since then such as an awesome Funnel Builder called OptimizeFunnels, a new Checkouts plugin called OptimizeCheckouts, & probably about 15 to 20 new OptimizePress Page Builder Elements & Features (too many to name here). 

While there are almost an unlimited number of things you can create with OptimizePress 3.0, there are some things that you'll still want to use 3rd party plugins for.

I have compiled a list of plugins that I either use myself or use on client sites that have worked really good for things like contact forms, adding sitewide scripts, as well as some for security. 

Please ensure that you check OptimizePress's guide at the following link to learn how to enable the styles and scripts for plugins

Contact Form Plugins

OptimizePress has a great Optin Form element that can be used to add leads to your CRM (ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, Aweber, among many others). I have seen some interesting optin forms that were turned into contact forms, which honestly makes no sense to me. A CRM is not a tool for sending/receiving emails on a personal basis (that is what Email is for). 

If you want to have a way for your site visitors to reach out to you and have the email more reliably delivered to your inbox than your CRM can handle, I would suggest looking for a good contact form plugin. You probably wouldn't need anything advanced, and the free version of one of the two plugins listed below would be good for creating some basic contact forms. 

Sadly, other contact forms like Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and some others do not load their styles very well within page builders, so I tend to suggest not using them unless you have to, or already have paid versions of them. There are some other ways of styling those which I will not get into in this guide.

So here are the Best Plugins for OptimizePress for contact forms:

Sitewide Header & Footer Scripts

While you can add scripts to individual pages in OptimizePress 3.0, it is not possible currently to add sitewide scripts within the OptimizePress platform. There are plugins that handle this quite well though, and I do think OptimizePress may add this at some point, but the best plugin I know and use personally for adding scripts is the Header Footer Code Manager plugin.

To me, this is the only one worth having because not only can you add the scripts you need, you can also choose what pages and posts they load on. There are even options to show scripts based on the device. 

Other script management plugins do not come close to the functionality you find with this plugin. I'm sure there are others out there similar, but as far as I'm aware, none have been as active in development or have the amount of options. 

I have no doubt that this is one of the best plugins for OptimizePress that you can use for adding your header/footer scripts on a sitewide basis or groups of pages.

Help Keep Your Site Secure From Login Form Attacks

First let me say that it has been my experience that using plugins such as WordFence, or iThemes Security tend to slow down page loading, or create more problems than they solve, so while I don't use them myself, they can be useful, however I feel a better approach is to prevent your login form from getting attacked by bots or hackers by simply hiding the login URL. You can also avoid getting hacked by using strong passwords, keeping WP, Plugins, and Themes all updated regularly, and using unique username.... anything other than "Admin" or variations of "Admin" as pretty much anyone can, and will guess that. 

There is a lot more to security than just hiding the login URL. I will have another blog post on that in the future.

WPS Hide Login plugin is one of the best plugins for OptimizePress that has worked for a long time and is updated on a regular basis. Install, Activate, and head over to "Settings" and you'll be able to change the login URL. Don't forget what you set it to!

Add Image Galleries To Your OptimizePress Sites

Image galleries can be useful to have if you need to showcase a lot of photos on your site. There are two plugins I have used that have been really good with OptimizePress 3.0.

My favorite is Modula. The free version is very good, but I use the Pro version which has tons of extra, incredible features that I have come to enjoy. 

Of course, FooGallery is also a great plugin that has stood the test of time. I have used this one since 2014 on a personal travel blog of mine where I share image galleries of some places I have stayed. 

Both are really good. I haven't tried any others that have come close to having such easy to use admin options. Creating image galleries in either of these plugins is a breeze for the most part.

I would suggest trying both and seeing which one suites you best. Just make sure you optimize your images for the web with something like ShortPixel.

Optimize Your Images & Make Your Pages Load Faster

High resolution images are a great thing to have, but if you upload them to your site, it will most likely cause a slow loading of the page. There are a wide range of tools available for Optimizing images. One of the best tools is ShortPixel.

While you can optimize some images for free each month, I highly recommend buying one of the monthly or one time plans they have so you can optimize all the images on your site.

You can optimize existing images, as well as images that you upload (which can be done automatically). 

Shortpixel is amazing, and one of the best plugins for OptimizePress. I'm not sure what I would do without it (other than waste countless hours manually optimizing images). 

There are other tools out there as well that do things in similar ways, but none of them have the more advanced features that come with the premium version. Visit their website to learn more.

Easily Manage All Your Sites

If you are like me, and have several websites, managing them all can be a royal pain in the rear! It's like a never ending constant battle to keep WordPress, as well as all the themes and plugins updated. I have at least 10 of my own sites, a few friends sites, as well as a lot of client sites that I manage. 

If it were not for tools like ManageWP, I would probably lose my mind trying to manage everything manually. 

With ManageWP, you can connect all your sites to a central dashboard that will allow you to easily manage all your sites. It is free unless you activate premium features, but you can get updates and even scan your sites for security issues whenever you login. 

If I know that a particular update is okay for all sites then I can simply update all the sites with a few clicks. Definitely suggest trying it out if you haven't already got a tool like it.

ManageWP was taken over by Godaddy a few years ago but has still been a great tool to use, and so far Godaddy hasn't managed to try to "nag" me to death with other offers, but I suspect with time they may do so, at which point I may explore other tools that are similar. New apps like ManageWP seem to be launching on a regular basis now.

I have stuck with ManageWP due to simplicity that most of the others can't seem to grasp so far.  

I hope that you have found a couple of new plugins to use that help you save time. If you have any suggestions to add to this list, or have any questions, please leave a comment.